As The Lion Roars At Dinner; I wish you well

With mixed feelings, I congratulate the NBA Benin Branch (Lion Bar) on the occasion of their Annual Dinner and Award Night.
NBA Benin was exceptionally nice to me in the course of my campaign, despite having a candidate in the same race. I was made to feel at home, well received and mingled well. I still cherish the warm reception from the Lion Bar.

I would’ve loved to be in attendance to relive your hospitality but my tradition prevents me from openly celebrating in Benin, until minimum of 6 months have elapsed.
When the last time I came, was in September. It was for a burial. Burial of our dear colleague, Ogaga Emoghwanre, Esq (1980 – 2022) May his soul keep resting in peace.
You will agree with me, if he were alive, he would’ve electrified this occasion beyond what words can express.

In deed, life goes on and the living must make merry. I only pray in this merriment, we remember the widows, widowers and orphans, particularly our colleagues who had joined the Saints above.

Dear Colleagues as you merry, wishing one another a prosperous new legal year and joy of the Yuletide, I wish you well. I pray you also remember Ogaga’s young family and put a smile on their faces.

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