NBA Bwari Celebrates 10th Anniversary At NBA Secretariat

The activities marking the 10th anniversary of the creation of NBA Bwari, shall take place on Thursday 8th Day of December at NBA National Secretariat, Abuja.

The following, are NBA Bwari past Chairman;    Elder Dickson Ibeh, Bernard O. Nafagah, Mohammed Tsav, Chukwuemeka Clement and on seat is Monday Adjeh.

During their illustrious Chairmanship, the secretariat was manned by, Mazi Okoroigwe, Kayode Ojo, Felix Ashimole, Olalekun Idowu and Oluwafemi Olowononi.

Every election year, NBA Bwari like other NBA Branches, goes through its near breaking point. The most outstanding in the 10 years of NBA Bwari, was the transition from Elder Dickson Ibeh to B.O.Nafagah.
It was so protracted that NBA had to appoint a sole administrator to restore peace and conduct election for the fragile branch.

The sole administrator, was Mela Nunghe, Esq as he then was but now a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

Mela Nunghe SAN, will be the keynote speaker and the theme is; LEARNING FROM THE PAST AND PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE.

In the past 10 years, NBA Bwari has changed alias twice, from Capital Bar to Cradle Bar but her code in NBA, remains 020.

We pray the future of NBA Bwari, will be more glorious than its illustrious past.

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