Happy Birthday Mummy; Lynda Rose Bala

The Amazon with a lion heart, not only did you thread where angels dare, you stamped your feet resoundingly on the history of NBA, with 21, 717 votes to emerge the 1st Vice President of NBA.

You visited almost the then 125 NBA Branches and in the course of this, our part crossed. Like a caring mother, you took me under your wings, showed me more care and concern that I bothered to show myself and my ambition.

I still remember the pains in your voice, when you kept calling to ask, “have ECNBA sent you any è-mail.” “Che, I didn’t see your name on the final list.” “My son, call this and that Bar leader.”

Apart from these motherly care and my stubbornness to bother any Bar leader, you still stuck with me and shed tears at Ilorin during that now infamous NEC.

Words fail me to express my gratitude to you. You have stood like a rock for me, calling to find out how my wife was doing, when she went under the knife.

My Mummy, I appreciate you and join the host of celestial deities you reverence, to wish you a happy birthday.

Your seeds of love towards me and others, will germinate into trees of comfort that will provide shelter for you and Prof. in your old age.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA, we shall groove at NEC next week!

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