Best Of The 18 Political Party Manifestoes In Nigeria

By default, I will differ to Labour Party’s Manifesto. This Manifesto can be found on INEC Website or click

But a careful reading of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) Manifesto, puts me at a crossroads. The PRP Manifesto can be found here:

Unfortunately, Kola Abiola, the Presidential Candidate of PRP, is not appealing to Nigerian media. He is seen as a spoilt brat and hanging on his father (MKO)’s apron. Kola has not distinguished himself as a force to attract any sector of the electorate. This has made PRP to be ranked among the 2nd 11 in the forthcoming Presidential Election. If the electorates can look beyond Kola and see the Party, PRP has one of the best poor people implementable ideas to uplift them from poverty and set Nigeria on the footstool of egalitarianism.

Another party that has a rich Manifesto, a Manifesto that should appeal to the electorates yearning for a clean cut from the locust years of PDP & APC, is Labour Party (LP)

Unfortunately, its Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, has distanced himself from the LP Manifesto, refuses to speak to it at his rallies.

This refusal to adopt and speak out the LP Manifesto, is giving pundits cause to worry. Is Obi committed to the liberation of Nigerian suffering masses or is he a wolf in sheep clothing?

Obi cannot mount the soapbox from one rally to another, without giving the electorate, a document, codifying his vision, should he win the election.

For a true transformation of Nigeria, implementing either PRP or LP’s Manifesto, is highly desirable.

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