Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN Brokers Truce In NBA Nyanya/Karu Crisis——By Sir Augustine Ibolo

Today, Tuesday the 29th day of November, 2022, at a peace meeting convened by Afam Osigwe, SAN at his Abuja Office, the two rivalry leadership factions of the NBA Nyanya/Karu Branch were assisted to mutually arrive at some common grounds upon which the peace long desired for the new branch shall be erected.
The learned Silk who brokered the peace in a manner that was commended by both sides of the divide made the two factions to appreciate the lots that have already been lost in the seemingly short time that the crisis has lasted and the more invaluable benefits that may still be lost.

The counsel of the Learned Silk for the members of the two factions in attendance was at once richly sagacious and captivatingly inspiring.
It turned out that all members of both sides of the divide keyed into the sermons for peace preached by the Learned Silk to the two factions which he consistently called one family.

At the end of the deliberations, based on the Learned Silk’s advice that the frontliners in the crisis would have to make sacrifices for the sake of the peace that all desired for the Branch to take off with.
The following resolutions were reached and adopted by all in attendance as what the Learned Silk should submit to the NBA President as the mutually adopted terms of settlement of the crisis that has been frustrating the smooth take off of the new NBA Branch.

1. The Branch shall not be represented at the next NEC meeting.

2. A reunion general meeting, sponsored by the Learned Silk, is to be held immediately and to be presided over by Magnus Onwukwe, Esq.

3. The criminal case against Sir. Augustine Ibolo is to be withdrawn on the next adjourned date.

4. The NBA President is to send members from the National Executive to immediately conduct election for the branch this year 2022.

5. The Branch election must be governed by the NBA election guidelines.

6. The President should be appealed to for a Branch Code to be generated for the branch to enable the branch collect membership dues, and the Branch shall liaise with Access Bank for her Branch Account.

7. The erstwhile members of the factional EXCOs should desist from parading themselves as occupants of their respective offices henceforth.

8. Two delegates each from the two sides are to join the Learned Silk to take these resolutions to the President.

9. The different WhatsApp platforms of the Branch are to be collapsed into one.

10. Admins for the common WhatsApp group should be drawn across board.

*While we await the immediate implementation of these resolutions, we are all advised and encouraged to all sheath our swords.
We are to advise ourselves and look beyond the deceptively attractive horizon defined by the ephemeral benefits of our present individual and respective positions and catch glimpse of the invaluable benefits of the long run for the Branch in general and for our individual persons.
It may interest us to know that the Learned Silk demonstrated his desire for peace in the Branch by foregoing all other appointments to see the meeting was giving all the time the success of the meeting required of him.
The meeting that was to span for only an hour lasted for four hours. With candour and charisma, the Learned Silk successfully calmed all strained nerves and diluted all triggered and counter-triggered anger.
As had seemingly become customary for our peace meetings of past, when I entered the meeting venue that appeared deliberately flooded with drinkables, eatables and lockables, I could perceive an undercurrent of bottled up disposition to noisy argument as we laughed together.
I was glad that the Learned Silk wasn’t deceived by the artificial friendliness majority of us projected for him.
With his different stroke for each of the different disposition, he control the trajectory of the proceedings away from the multiple Bermuda Triangles that our long narratives would have plunged the entire meeting.
Personally, I think we owe today’s success to the judicious application of the charisma of the Learned Silk to the situation.
We all need to key into the new wave of peace and allow it to sweep us into the waiting arm of waiting traditional love for one another.
The Learned Silk gave the Branch some money which shall be told us at the Reconciliation General Meeting that would be convened very very soon. We’re appealing to all, in advance, to attend that meeting.
Let’s get united and progress with higher speed. Thank you as we look eagerly forward to seeing you love thy learned brethren of the Power Bar.

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