(Being a press statement of the Professional E-hailing Drivers and Partners Association (PEDPA)

In addition to the terrible rising cost of living and abysmal low standards, Petrol (PMS) price has now risen to #250 nationally. This is quite unacceptable!

Within a year, the marketers have  increased fuel price  significantly. This begs the question , where is the Petroleum Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPRA)? How can a few people  sit  in the comfort of luxury and add to the people’s sufferings by hoarding and increasing fuel price?

Drivers and Partners are already complaining bitterly in our sector. Sadly, the Driving App Companies do not care about the price of petrol? The charges paid by drivers are yet to reduce. Even App Companies that own cars do not care either. This puts out members into long days of suffering, both to queue for so long, and  buying very expensive fuel.
PEDPA calls on President Buhari and the Petroleum ministry to stop the rising exploitations of Nigerians by the marketers. If this is not done  another mass revolt like the January Uprising Against Fuel Subsidy Removal in 2012 could occur. 
PEDPA also uses this opportunity to call on the two major Labour centres; NLC and TUC to rise to the occasion before it’s too late. It is not enough for Congress to take stands against Oil Deregulation, we must be seen as acting to stop same and it’s cruel effects.

PEDPA sends our solidarity to all drivers and motorists who are currently suffering from the hike in fuel price. We will be part of every peaceful efforts to reverse the ugly trend.

PEDPA also sends our solidarity to all Nigerians facing the woes of high cost of living doubled by the hike in fuel price. We ask all Nigerians to peacefully register their dismays through appropriate channels.

Finally, we call on the Federal government to immediately call on the marketers to reverse the fuel price hike as this is affecting the drivers community and all Nigerians in general.

Idris Shonuga Oluwaseun,
National President.

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