Ohanebo At 50 Drags Che To Anglican Church

Actually, I do go to church now and then, to listen and checkout what kind of spiritual grass, they are feeding their sheep. The kind of grass your shepherd feeds you, determine how sheepish you will be in the affairs of this world.

When any man or woman attacks me, I ask you, where do you worship? If you tell me, that will help me know how to relate with you. No sheep can grow fatter, bear better fleece than the grass fed to it.

But today at All Saints Anglican Church Wuse Zone 5, I am not here  to talk theology or x-ray the kind of grass they eat here, but to join my friend, Emeka Ohanebo to thank his god for being with him as he mark 50yrs on this part of mortality.

I have known Emeka since I came fully into Abuja as a lawyer. He is a dependable friend. If I am to choose a team to go to any war with, Emeka must be among the fist 11. Words fail me to eulogize him as you need to experience him to understand how dependable he is.

Don’t mind his combustible anger, if fizzles out like morning dews and the golden Emeka emerges remorseful and full of love, willing to make amends. Emeka has a forgiving spirit but you must respect his boundaries.

Oha, as I fondly call you, happy birthday. Climb up and make room for me on the 5th floor.

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