Lagos Customers Engage CAC RG

One Day Training, Demonstration and Interaction facilitated by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), in Lagos, was truly interactive.

A cross section of attendees

Customers in Lagos, “no gree” and at every turn, they grilled the Management of CAC.
At every volley of questions, the RG sprang to the podium and responded, giving the undeniable vibe of a man abreast with the issues.

I was in the crowd. Independently interacted with the audience and the Lagos Customers were impressed with CAC.
A customer within minutes of complaining about pending application, it was resolved by the IT team that accompanied the RG from Abuja.

Lagos session was better than Abuja’s held two days ago but had lesser number of attendee. This was blamed on the notorious Lagos traffic.
CAC improved but Abuja tea break was richer than what was served in Lagos.

The cuisine apart, the following are takeaways from Lagos;

  1. EFS will take off on 28th of November.
  2. CAC will do away with all other forms of identification except NIN.
  3. CAC will soon stop requiring signatures of promoters of company.
  4. Small companies are no longer mandatorily required to pay annual returns, provided that the company is wholly owned by Nigerians.
  5. You are required at the point of incorporation to disclose full details of principal shareholders (5%) of a company.
  6. Personal information of company promoters will no longer be accessible via public search but will be available to other government agencies.
  7. SCUML, CCB are to access company information in CAC, to make sure there is consistency in company documents submitted to them and other agencies.
  8. CAC Customer Care line, will come up by January 2023 and will be manned by specifically trained staff.
  9. As a professional endeavor to make sure that documents given to you, are authentic as CAC will not verify but believe you and would hold you liable, should the document turn out to be fake, cloned or forged.

Like Abuja, Lagos customers were appreciative of these innovations and expressed their gratitude, with standing ovation for the Management and Staff of CAC.

CAC Media, will issue official resolutions from the two sessions; Abuja & Lagos.


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