Political Left Leaning Like Minds Meet In Abuja

Day 1, Friday November 18, 2022.

Topics to be discussed:

1.What has gone wrong with the Left in Nigeria: A diagnosis and possible solution—Femi Falana.

2.A Critique of Democracy and Governance in Nigeria: What the Left can do to salvage them—Comrade Jibrin Ibrahim.


3.The Role of the Media in the struggle to salvage Nigeria—Comrade Arogundade and Kayode Komolafe.

4.The Struggles of Students and Youths and the role they play to salvage the country—-Comrade Y.Z.Yau.

5.The Role of Women and Women Organisation to birth a New Nigeria—-Comrade Hauwa Mustapha.

6.The Challenges of the Labour Movement and what it can do to liberate Nigeria—-Comrade Abiodun Aremu.

7.International Left Currents in Emancipating The People From Oppression-Comrade Warisu Alli.

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