Coalition Of Political Left Meets In Abuja

The Left has played significant roles in the country especially in the mobilisation and conscientization of the students and youths, building the trade unions, directing the media towards pro-people paths, posing alternatives to neo-colonial and neo-liberal policies, waging a successful war against military regimes, building non-state organisations and campaigning for the general wellbeing of the people and development of the country.

However, the Left has become so splintered as to become less effective with some groups working at cross purposes. Today, with the very existence of the country being called to question, terrorism, banditry, creeping anarchism and so much hunger and desperation in the land, the left generally remains ineffectual. Yet there is no more pressing time in our history than this for a Left intervention.

However, for decades, the left has been unable to even meet as an ideological movement. This is a Meeting of Like Minds; of individuals and groups with Left orientation or tendencies.

Part of the objectives is to exchange ideas and notes. Another is an Agreement on a Minimum Left Position or even a general coalition while the various groups continue with their individual programmes.

For further information including programme, reservations and Zoom, please contact the undersigned.
We look forward to receiving you.
A luta continua, Vitoria e certa!

This is to invite you to a meeting of individuals and groups with Left Tendencies.       
DATE: Friday, November 18 – Saturday November 19, 2022.
VENUE: Valencia Hotels, No 44, Blantyre Street, Wuse II, Abuja.
TIME: 9am Daily.

Owei Lakemfa.
Tel/WhatsApp: +2348023139151.

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