Ugu Uzo Emekuku 2022; Images & Sound

Ugu Uzo, is the most important festival in Emekuku.
It is usually celebrated between the end of October and the month of November every year.

It is a celebration which starts with the clearing of the paths to each constituent community’s stream and peaks with merry making, feasting and the chanting of an ancient song known as ‘Nwa Uri ala’. Reciting historical events in and around Emekuku. It becomes a carnival and within the next 3 weeks, each village performs a special festive activity only unique to them. 

Its celebration date is usually determined by the custodians of the tradition from Ezedibia and communicated to a group of elders from the town known as ‘Ndi Oha Emeke’.
On the chosen Nkwo for the Ugu Uzo, all the 10 villages gather at Nkwo Emeke market square, with the Chief designated to share the Ugu Uzo presiding.
The tables and canopies are arranged in a manner that the high table, faces the Ogiri ishi, believed to belong to Ezelukwu, the founder of Emekuku. A ritual dance, is carried out around this tree, before presentation of kola nut and other community bonding activities.
Before the festival is declared, the Chief priest, who will share it,  reads out the rules for the year and every son, daughter of Emekuku Ofo Iri, are expected to adhere strictly to these rules.
This year’s rules include;
Blood shed is not allowed;
No gunshots;
No going to police;
Any burial within this period, must be without fanfare;
all litigants are not allowed to be in Court this month and if it is land litigation, they are enjoined to withdraw it and appeal to the elders for out of court settlement.

After it had been shared at Nkwo Emeke, each of the 10 villages that make up Emekuku, takes the dance to their villages and go from one Deity to the other, to thank him or her for seeing Ugu Uzo.

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