Ifeanyi Agwuncha Esquire Welcomes Mazi Afam Osigwe SAN To The 5th Floor

One thing I have admired most about you is that you believe in your convictions, set your goals and work assiduously to attain them.

You have achieved a lot, you have fared brilliantly personal, career and professional wise.

It amazes me, how you achieved these milestones on several fronts, quickly amidst teething challenges that can floor easily the faint hearted!

You are a metaphor for judicious use of time. I dare say that any wishing to attain success in multiple tasks, should learn from you, you are an apt model!

You are amiable, kind and humane. Most importantly you are resourceful. You are a perfect gentleman.

Happy Golden Jubilee anniversary of your birth.

This is me wishing you a happy birthday, long life and prosperity in your future career and personal endeavors.

Remain blessed!

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