Nigeria’s 2023 Election & My Ifs (i)

If I were to vote in 2023 Presidential election and the only consideration, is Religion; I will vote for APC.

With the choice of Muslim-Muslim ticket; APC, has shown that religion is not a major factor in her considerations when it comes to Nigerian affairs. Nigeria, should be driven by other considerations beyond religious divide.

This choice by APC, is nostalgic, as the best Election Nigeria in Nigeria ( 1993) had the projected winner,  SDP, running on Muslim-Muslim ticKet. Against this back drop, APC believes that Nigerians have grown to the point, where religion doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

But is APC right or living in utopia? Or are we still hypocrites despite our cries that FGN/States, should stop sponsoring religious activities, especially pilgrimages to the Middle East?

I were to vote in 2023 Presidential Election and the Only considenation, is Tribe; I will vote forPDP.

Since 1999 and as the oldest party on the presidential ballot, PDP has empowered all tribes Nigeria. It’s a rainbow of tribal colors.
further add color to it, its Presidential flag bearer, is a multi-tribal Polygamist: Under PDP umbrella, all tribes, will find a Sister.
But are we above 
tribal reasoning?

Can we cast our votes based on other considerations since we had been making heavy weather that, a man’s state of origin, should be of no Significance more then his state of residence.

If I were to vote in 2023 Presidential Election and the only consideration, is Party loyalty, I will vote Labour Pasty. I am an Igboman (or so I have been constantly reminded after they had questioned why I am not supporting my Igbo brother or I am a sellout.)

As a former Labour Chairman, FCT Abuja, I would have been duty bound to vote LP. But is LP flag bearer a Labour man or Labour Party member? While he was fighting his impeachment as Anambra State Governor and crying to the deaf ears of Obasanjo (now they are paddy paddy), he reached out to LP and LP offered him LP but once the Supreme Court ruled in his favor, LP became as useful to him as a used condom is to a randy teenager.

Furthermore, he has not been in LP for up to 6 months as required by LP’s Constitution and the waiver given to him by NWC has not been ratified by NEC.
Against the above, is LP flag bearer my Comrade and a party member?

We have been championing deepening ideological contents in political parties and loyalty to party, should we now reward with our thumbs, a man who has no regards for party loyalty and supremacy?

NOTE: This If series, will run every Sunday morning, until end of November.

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