Indomie Truck Decapitates A Kubwa Resident

An unidentified male, Kubwa resident, was yesterday evening, crushed to death by an Indomie delivery truck, at phase 3 junction, Kubwa express way. His decapitated body was deposited to Kubwa General phase 4.

According to an eyewitness, the male resident was crossing the express, without adequate observation of traffic rules of looking left, right and left again before crossing the express.

Another eyewitness, said that the Indomie truck, was not properly illuminated, the headlights were off and there was no how the deceased, would have seen the oncoming truck.

Indomie, has a warehouse along Kubwa-Dei-Dei, after Arab Road junction. During a visit to the warehouse, we observed that their trucks are parked indiscriminately, narrowing the service lane.

The staff we met, refused to respond to questions we sort answers to, concerning the accident.
An Okada rider we met at Phase 3 Junction, lamented why residents of Kubwa don’t make use of the pedestrian bridges built by government? Between Kubwa 1st Gate and 2nd Gate, there are two bridges that are hardly used by commuters.

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