Afam @ 50 By Abu Ruqayyah

To appreciate his good quality, integrity, love and passion for the growth of the young lawyers in the legal profession, one needs to know his story, tract records and physically associate with him.

I had little interest in NBA politics and leadership management for so many reasons, until I came across the most effective and productive past General Secretary of NBA during Austine Alegeh, SAN (past NBA President) tenure 2014, called MAZI AFAM OSIGWE, SAN, he changed my mind.

In Afam, I see a Gentleman, Orator, Professional, Mentor, Brother, Friend and most of all a Good Leader. He is accommodative to all irrespective of ethnic or regional differences. When you come closer to him, you will discover many of his potentials and positive characteristics beyond description.

My respect for him increased when I read an online published Exclusive Interview with Mazi Afam Osigwe on His Presidential Ambition by DNL Legal & Style on 5 July, 2018. Speaking on how NBA will help the Young Lawyers and his focus towards achieving same, he said:
“In what institutional way is NBA going to help them? And that is where I will be focusing on. Institutional way of aiding lawyers welfare by focusing on training and making sure that these people attend the training without having to break the bank. If NBA does not have a fund for it, we create fund for it and fund it. Do this in collaboration with branches, take the training to them where they are.” (Emphasis mine)

He further states:
“… But the point is that NBA has to give back to members, build their trust and win their confidence make them centerpiece of what NBA does so that they would want to and actually participate and don’t think they need to know any person to amount to anything” (Emphasis mine)

The statement above, revealed how a good leader addresses issues. He knows the problems of the legal professions by heart and has the solutions on his hand. He listens and remains open to possibilities. He has proved that he is still the Man capable of doing big things and tackling our biggest challenge in the NBA.

He never knew that I campaigned for him seriously in 2018 before he was later disqualified by ECNBA. An unfortunate event.

When we speak of his generosity, it is beyond the imagination of Man. I got married on the 1st January, 2022. While preparing for my Wedding sometime in December, my Boss and learned senior Al-Bashir Likko, Esq. asked me to send my wedding IV to Afam Osigwe, SAN. I got the wedding IV for him but I was unable to deliver the card to his office at Maitama due to circumstances beyond my control.

Later, I received a credit alert of N100, 000 from Law Forte, his law firm. I was very surprised and moved, not because of the money but for the fact that Afam Osigwe, SAN doesn’t know me very well plus I did not deliver my wedding IV to him personally or by proxy but he decided to give me N100,000 as my wedding gift. I later realized that it was Al-Bashir Likko, Esq. that informed him and he asked for my account details. I called and extended my appreciation towards his kind gesture. Any time I call to greet him, he never fails to ask after my wife and wish us good. Truly, Afam has a kind and generous heart.

Last two weeks, I was in his office together with AAER members to see the learned silk on an official visit. We met him outside the office in a hurry to catch up with another engagement. Amazingly, with a smile on his face and full happiness he gives us his little time to exchange pleasantries. After he apologized for his inability to see us at the moment, he asked Gabriel Eze, Esq. to take us to a good restaurant for lunch and send the bill to him. I told Gabriel that I will not follow them for lunch because I already ate. Later in the night, I received a credit alert of 5000 from Gabriel for my lunch from Afam Osigwe, SAN. What a generous heart.

Happy Birthday Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN, a true leader and mentor.
Remain bless.

Abu Ruqayyah

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