The Man Named Mazi Afam Osigwe By Adeyemi Egbebi

Man creates words; words created by man are used in his description.

Howbeit is a man full with wisdom and dignity coupled with the ability to exhibit the dignity and wisdom with humility.

Even as a connoisseur of words, I find it, extremely difficult to use the instrumentality of words to pay a deserving tribute to unarguably the greatest, supportiveand most caring mentor that ever trod the face of planet earth. 

Five decades ago, a fine, intelligent, extremely humble, quintessential gentleman was born into the family of Pa Osuigwe, clan of Nnewi, Anambra State of Nigeria. He had a most precocious growth and excelled in academics, profession and character. 

Afam Osigwe, SAN tread on the part anchored on the principled ideals of morality, resilience, good heritage, stability, human empathy, kindness, forthrightness, uprightness coupled with a golden act and art. 

As a green wig, I found an instant model and worthy mentor in Afam Osigwe SAN, in whom I could emulate and fashion my life and legal carrier after. Mazi, as he is fondly called, epitomizes grace and character, humble, simplistic, yet elegant. Extremely neat and fashionable. Brilliant and reserved. Legal gladiator in the temple of justice who clamor for justice and refined the courtroomwith is impeccable act.

“Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN is very honest, easy going and very intelligent who understand the law at the tip of his finger. I am deeply proud of him”. That was the exact words of learned silk, Tijani Gazali, SAN about you during an  in-house meeting we had in the suit we represented the Attorney General of Federation.

“Hope you are as brilliant and eloquent as your principal who has a deep understanding of the law” That was the comment from learned silk and foremost Nigerian LawyerJibrin Okutepa, SAN, when I had a conversation with the learned silk.

Blunt to a fault. Sound. Legal savvy. Tough. Ebullient. Efficient. Unapologetic. Firm. Stern. Bold. Formidable. Didactic. Effective. Focused. Deep, Yet Empathetic. An egghead of repute. Scholar per Excellence. 

Mazi, as I fondly call him says what he means and means what he says. More importantly, you always know where you are with him. A goal achiever of repute who puts others above himself and showcases other talents at every given instance.

An unassailable and unrepentantly legal gladiator. If you have him on your side as your Legal Representative in court, you can simply go to sleep, rest assured of his limitless capacity to give you his very best even if it takes a deep toll on his well-being. One Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN is greater than a thousand Mazi. A truism of positive and passionate energy. A moving force and an ideologue.

Mazi is a tissue of courage- Always speaking truth to power, with neither fear nor sentiments. Objective to the core, yet unrepentantly supportive of his chosen partisan preferences. The preacher and teacher of the parables of the ten virgins and parables of the talents.

I never forget your resounding advice – ‘Don’t ever forget the act and art of lawyering”  “Oga talk law and know the law” for that is whom you are”. This ensures I have and will never stray away no matter what. I make bold to say I am a direct beneficiary of your large heartedness, cerebral gratification, good name, largesse and uncommon wit for this has always birth good waysfor me in all my legal exhibitions. 

“In my years of practice as a legal practitioner before and after I took silk:  I have evolved. I have learnt. I am learning. I am not perfect. I faced challenges. I fought hard battles. I hugged pure joy. I shrugged off disappointment. I slayed. I discovered my strength. I accomplished difficult tasks. I found out how not to do it. I served, I saw life from its many shades, but most of all, Itruly lived. I almost doubted myself, but then I remembered who I am and why I live. For impact and for inspiration” This was the words that moved my heart and set my medulla oblongata  where I strongly believe that you are not just a mere man but a man that truly defined himself.

A Golden man and Legal juggernaut who always has the answer to your legal problems. Whilst you see the problem, he sees the prospect and the possibility. He never says No to your advancement regardless of your approach. On this occasion of your golden celebration, I wish you more successes, long life, a bountiful harvest of your worthy and deserving investment, sound health, peace of mind, a speedy accomplishment of your yet elusive dreams and above all, all you wish yourself. O gaadiri gi nma!!!

Happy Birthday to you. Keep on succeeding. The best is on the way. Ad multos annos.


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