Otu Oka-iwu Abuja Celebrates Mazi

Otu Oka-iwu Abuja, the apex body of igbo lawyers in Abuja, has blown their oja to herald the Golden jubilee of their illustrious member, Mazi Afam Josiah Osigwe, SAN

According to Ejiofor Onwuaso President, Otu Oka-iwu Abuja, in Mazi, God’s favour has found its true expression and definition. Mazi has been consistent in exceptional excellence in his chosen profession, a man of great wisdom, grit and knowledge. An inspiration to the young and a diligent advocate of the finest breed. His generous and humane persona adorns his enthralling, infectious, charismatic and  charming towering presence in any environment he finds himself, a jolly good fellow and a stickler to the cause of justice, fairness and the common good. Indeed Mazi is a man whom God has blessed and shown abundant favour and grace.    

I join his family, friends and teaming fans in wishing him a happy birthday and wishes of many more enduring life of trail-blazing legacies in good health and sound mind.
Congratulations dear brother, friend and dependable learned Silk.”
Otu Oka-iwu Abuja Celebrates Mazi

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