Hannatu Queen Inusa Expresses Hearty Cheers To A Great Legend; Afam Osigwe

Seest thou a man of great humilty, deligent in all his ways and compassionate, he shall sit before kings and not mere men.

Sir you are an Icon! A mentor to me and i am proud to identify with you any day and time.

I have know this great benevolent man, highly charismatic and humane no wonder this noble profession has given such beffitting prestigious positions as that of a Life Bencher and a Learned Silk to a deserving member as Mr.Mazi Afam Osigwe!

You are a Pragmatic Leader, dissecting the truth and applying it as at when practicable, we celebrate you in the past because you were great, we celebrate you in this present times because you are greater and we shall continue to celebrate you earnestly till the end of time because you have continued to matter not only in our association but all spheres of lives endeavour.
Happy birthday to a great man of wisdom and impeccable character! You are highly Celebrated Sir.
Ass.Sec emeritus.
NBA Bwari Branch

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