COVID-19; Protest Rocks FCT Minister

Aggrieved by failure of FCT Minister to pay them for supplying personal protective equipment and COVID-19 treatment machines to FCT, about 150 contractors, stormed the office of the FCT minister on Monday,  protesting the non-payment of their monies.

Leader of the group, Mr. Michael Ewoma, speaking to, said since 2020; the payment to some of the contractors had been irregular; adding that the FCT Administration had not been able to give any tenable explanation for this.

According to him, the FCTA reneged on the initial agreement of prompt payment for all contractors after two weeks.”   

Ewoma agrees that the Administration had paid some contractors, especially those who agreed to receive partial payment, at the expense of other contractors.

But some  protesters said the administrative procedures imposed by the FCTA for processing their payments were impossible to meet, saying the imposition, was a deliberate ploy to deny them their monies.

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