Felix Ashimole (Oyinatumba) EBF & NBA 2024

EBF is made up of 45 Branches of NBA and by the provisions of EBF’s Constitution, Chairmen and Secretaries of these branches, are statutory members.

At the last NBA election that produced the 31st President of NBA, these 45 Branches, had about 15, 720 eligible voters.

So it is not out of place for EBF gathering to be politically charged, with the political interest of its members being paramount in such meeting. Although 2024 is still donkey days away, conversations around the just concluded EBF Quarterly meeting held in Abakiliki, made it seam like yesterday.

The major presidential candidates rumored to be interested in NBA Presidency 2024, were there and held consultations with those in attendance.

One of the conversations that intrigued me, was the conversation about NBA Publicity Secretary 2024. I was asked if I will re-contest. I answered that I didn’t contest but was unjustly disqualified from contesting.
Furthermore, talking about and consulting two years before NBA sets up Electoral Committee, will make the race expensive and members will fleece you, make all manner of demands from you, assisting in paying their house rents inclusive.

Those who spoke with me, insisted that Hon. Seth Nwokolo, incumbent PRO of EBF, is interested and had started consulting. I was urged to start talking to people.

I resisted until I overheard Hon. Seth Nwokolo, affirmatively speaking to someone in Ecumenical Centre Abakiliki, that he was interested in vying for Publicity Secretary of NBA come 2024.

Against the above, I wish to say, it is too early for me to consult you on any position I may be interested in come 2024 but know that I am an active political animal.

Agreed that within NBA, some do not support you or vote for you because you are competent to do the job, they commit to you and vote for you, because you were the first to tell them of your ambition to contest, often times, 6 years before the position by virtue of zoning gets to your zone.

On 17th of June 2022 at old NBA Secretariat, Area 11, Abuja, Ogaga Emoghwanre, told me he would recontest for the office of Publicity Secretary, which he just lost to Habeeb Lawal, I was taken aback but told him I will not contest, if he is contesting. The rest is history and I am free of that promise to him.
I urge all, to sheath the sword of 2024 ambition and let us join YC Maikyau SAN to build NBA and at the right time, my ambition will be as erect as an iroko. Let our competency speak for us and not “I was first to tell you.”

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