Punches From Welcome Remarks Of Chief Uba Anene Chairman Governing Council

So much has been happening in our nation and our Nigerian Bar Association lately. There is a make or mar election coming up in our country soon; which is generating an unusual kind of buzz.

Closer to our own professional home, there was an election in our NBA; with all the usual noise and drama, and huge, huge campaign expenses as well as noticeable physical strain on the candidates. The outcome is now history. It was fairly predictable to anyone with sense of discernment. One saw from the beginning where the wind was blowing.

We congratulate the 31st President of the NBA once again, and pledge our loyalty and cooperation, as we should. It is in working together that we can hope to achieve our dreams for our profession, our association and our nation.

Divided we fall!

Let us be clear that tribalism remains a real and present danger to Nigerian unity and our continued corporate existence as a nation. With all due respects to the many fine patriots in the South west who always put National wellbeing ahead of tribal impulses, the uncomfortable truth from the evidence of recent events, is that ethnic prejudices is more prevalent in the South west than anywhere in Nigeria.

Ethnic bigotry, like racism, is an ill wind which bears no one any good. It needs to be called out, confronted l and condemned whenever and wherever it rears it’s ugly head if we ever hope to build for ourselves a peaceful and prosperous nation that works for us.

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