Bolivian Diary October 5 1967

We started out again, walking with difficulty until 15:15, when we left the cow path and buried ourselves in some sparse woods, with vegetation high enough to give us cover from prying eyes.

Benigno and Pacho made various expeditions looking for water, thoroughly searching around nearby houses but did not find any; there might be little well off to the side. As they finished scouting, six soldiers were spotted at the house, apparently just passing through.

We set off at midnight with troops exhausted due to lack of water, Eustaquio making a spectacle of himself, crying for a mouthful of water.

After an awful hike, with too much stopping and starting, by dawn we reached a little woods where we could hear the barking of a near by dogs. A high barren ridge can be seen quite close.

We took care of Benigno, whose wound was oozing a bit, and I gave El Médico an injection. As a result of the treatment, Benigno complained of pain during the night.

The radio reported that our two Cambas were taken to Camiri to act as witnesses in Debray’s trial.

Altitude =2,000 meters.

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