Abure Julius LP National Chairman Is Edo Central Senatorial Candidate; Comrades Call On Him To Resign

A careful pencil tracing of the final list released by INEC, has revealed that, Abure Odianosen Julius 51 years old male, is the INEC te organized Labour Party Candidate for Edo Central Senatorial District.

A party member, pleading not to be mentioned, who disclosed this, expressed shock that INEC who monitors political parties, could allow this slip and wonders which other slips had INEC allowed. According to him, this is clearly a violation of Labour Party constitution and Abure should resign and relinquish his hold on the Party as its National Chairman.

A member of LP National Working Committee, said that they are aware of this but that Abure has not done anything wrong in nominating himself as a candidate. She maintained that LP Constitution only frowns at holding dual offices. Abure is just a candidate and not a Senator, hence he doesn’t fall under those holding dual offices.

Comrade Mike, a labour movement activist, while admitting that it is not a constitutional breach lamented that it is morally wrong and deceitful for a National Chairman of a party, to be a candidate and still function as national chairman. LP promised to be different, do things in a new way but here they are, behaving in a low manner that even PDP or APC can not descend into, Mike lamented.
He further said, apart from this obnoxious behavior by LP, some other mushroom parties have their National Chairmen parading themselves as Presidential Candidates of their Parties. He called on INEC to disqualify such candidates or compel them to resign their Chairmanship.

Attempts to get NLC Political Commission’s reaction to this, were abortive.

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