The Sinners Assembly Celebrates Nigeria At 62

Some elders writing there is nothing to celebrate in Nigeria after 62 years, are part of those who ruined Nigeria.

Nigeria gave them her virgin blood;
unsucked nipples;
they rough handled her;
She gave them scholarship;
Fed them in school;
Gave them employment while they were still doing NYSC

What did they give Nigeria in return?
Now as they near the mortuary;
Seeing their lonely grave;
Instead of atoning;
They write to blame others but themselves;
Each tribe blame another tribe’s thief but turbaning, crown theirs as hero of our tribe.


None speaks for traumatized Nigeria;
Younger ones share articles of lies and hate;   Refuse to question their fathers roles in the killing of Nigeria;
They inherit their fathers enemies and shout Nigeria is not working;
Nothing to celebrate at 62.

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