Mind Your Language; Supreme Court Reprimands Female Lawyer

It was a mild rebuke and lesson in ethics at the Supreme yesterday, when the court reprimanded two lawyers for inappropriate dressing and wrong use of expression.

The male  lawyer, responding to an order of court, said, “ Very well my Lord.”

The court took offense at this but in the best tradition, found only in the Temple of Justice, Justice Ogunwumiji, subtly but without keeping anybody in doubt, rebuked the lawyer and stated, “Very well my Lord”, is a condescending phrase and only said by a superior to an inferior. It is improper for a Counsel to say that to Justices.

Those in court were impressed as there was apprehensive murmuring that the Court would descend on a female whose artificially plaited hair was reaching her bombom, sticking out of her wig.
The court berated her.

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