Gado Nasko Road Kubwa Gaping For Attention

Gado Nasko, is the longest stretch of road in Kubwa. It divides Kubwa into two unequal parts of uneven development. It runs from Soul Lounge Junction or Kubwa 1st Gate to NNPC Junction, Kubwa 2nd Gate.

Gado Nasko, is Wall Street of Kubwa, with all the major commercial banks having a branch on it. It also has the highest number of Plaza in Kubwa. With this commercial presence, comes traffic challenges but the challenges, would’ve been manageable had the rood been dual carriage.  

Pyrate-Phase 3 Junction the most notorious go slow spot on Gado Nasko road

Apart from the narrow road made narrower by shop owners overstepping their perimeters with no parking spaces, the poor health conditions of the major junctions on this road, is a source of nightmare to road users and residents of Kubwa, particularly during rush hours.

In a bid to avoid these bad spots, drivers jostle for space with Okada and Keke, causing chaotic sequence.

Total-First Bank by PW Junction

In most cases, takes over 1 hour to clear.  Daily residents cry out for help but it seams the FCT Minister is more interested in chasing after Okada, demolishing shanties than providing and maintaining infrastructure in Kubwa.

Studio 24/Nadrem-Okitipupa St. Junction

The traffic lights are dead and when alive, dances more epileptic than disco light hung on a christmas tree.

Aso Savings Junction

Residents of Kubwa now wake up like Lagosians, just to beat inner Kubwa holdup and join the express. But again, at the express, from Civil Service Institute to Gwarinpa, is another length of snake, kissing bumper to bumper until FHA gate.

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