WhatsApp Groups Or Free Sex Pickup Zones?

Yes, they come to serve different purposes but their Admin have something in common.

They are all tyrants. Most of them don’t post, don’t comment but will block you once others start complaining that your views, are making them uncomfortable and causing them to rethink the lies they had been told.

Ahead of commencement of campaign towards 2023 General Election, many people will be removed from WhatsApp group; many WhatsApp group’s setting will turn to “Only Admin Can Post”, if you do not support the same candidate with the Admin or the major financier of the Group.

Yes, most WhatsApp group, has those who are considered lords and untouchables. You must agree with their view or you find others attacking you to please them.

This gang up is worse in strictly Social WhatsApp Groups. These groups, are dating, fucking partner pickup sites. Under the guise of adult group, the encourage prostitution and once in a while organize parties. These parties are orgies and loose everything, including selling of drugs go on in these groups.

The policy is fuck and don’t talk, smoke, misbehave, but let it stay within us.

Being a group made up of humans without ideology beyond quest to have fun at all cost, pictures from most of these coded intercourse and naked party surfaces and crisis starts in the Group, Group scatter and a new Group is formed.

Make no mistake about it, these Groups have married men, women, single mothers hustling for toto and prick with spinsters and bachelors. A good number of these sex, fuck drug based groups , are financed by these married members of the Group. For them it is a cheap, safe hunting ground for adultery as members of the Group understand that it is Fuck and Don’t Tell, so long as he or she appreciates you(Code for collecting money for sex rendered)

How do I know? I have been invited to a good number of them and hmmmm!!!! We are on a long thing and these groups are now more popular than Badoo, when it comes to picking up a date.

A lot of them have lined up parties to celebrate themselves into October 1st, pretending to be celebrating Nigeria’s Independence, well after all, Nigeria was a product of illicit sexual congress between Lord Lugard and Dame Flora Louise Shaw.

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