NINA Executive Exclusive VIP Lounge Comes Alive

All part of NINA Hotel and Garden, is designed to meet whatever be your taste, fantasy and imagination, when it comes to relaxation at a friendly budget.

In line with this philosophy, the management of NINA has re-decorated, redesigned NINA Lounge. The VIP Lounge, is located beside Harris Bar, hidden where only those who want exclusive pleasure and top class service without interruption can be given the NINA hospital touch.

NINA VIP Lounge, is cozy, comfortable and uniquely decorated to give you comfort and privacy from preying eyes. Ideal for private party for your innermost circle of friends and associates.

When next you are in NINA, your enjoyment is not complete until you treat yourself and your loved one, to the cozy, private, relaxed, serenading comfort of NINA VIP.

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