I hate Moses With Godly Passion

Ever since we met at about 2013, he has shown me unparalleled respect, love and loyalty. I hate him for these.

His commitment to me makes me fear, if I can show same commitment to any other person in line with my philosophy to do unto others, the good others have done unto me.

I also fear Moses Harrison Zakari. His anger is heated but evaporates as quickiely as it cum. When he righteously gets angry, fear catches me that my own anger looks like that of a dwarf threatening to rape an elephant.

But he has a heart of gold. If you are looking for an imperfect angel in human form, Moses is it.

He is more committed to his family than The Godfather and would do anything, including committing suicide to protect and provide for his family.

Moses, is a dependable friend, a committed Comrade and with him watching your back, you can snore all through even if Shaka Zulu and his troops are circling your hut and raiding your cow.

Today, is Moses’s birthday and I am proud to have met him, our friendship has grown into a brotherhood ticker than blood.

Happy Birthday my man. We celebrate you. You are a rare gem and an endangered specimen among men.

I hatefully Love Moses With Passion and we at The Sinners Assembly, will be holding a Special Cohiba Service for Deacon Moses today, to celebrate his birthday.

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