USA Visa Application For IBA Conference NBA President Engages Minister Of Foreign Affairs USA Embassy

Following complaints of hardship in procuring visa interview date by members desirous of attending this year’s International Bar Conference,30th October to 4th November, 2022 in Florida USA, YC Maikyau SAN, the President of NBA has engaged the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the USA Ambassador, to facilitate earlier visa date for members.

According to Akorede Habeeb Lawal, The NBA President has however sought the intervention of the US Ambassador to Nigeria for possible expedited visa interview appointment date.

H. E. Geoffrey Onyeama
Honourable Minister Of Foreign Affairs.

To this end, the Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs, has offered to engage the US Embassy in that regard. that the intervention referred to above is not an assurance of issuance of entry visas into the United States but an effort at facilitating early visa interview dates for members who have registered for the Conference and have satisfied all the pre-conditions for entry visa.
All eligible applicants MUST go through the prescribed visa interview process and only successful applicants will be issued the relevant entry visa.
  Consequently, members are required to provide the following documents to facilitate the process:

a. Evidence of membership of the International Bar Association
b. Evidence of full payment of the IBA Conference participation fee.
c. Evidence of membership of the Nigerian Bar Association (Branch confirmation of good-standing).
d. Duly completed Non-Immigrant Visa form (DS-160 Form)
e. Evidence of payment of visa fees.
All eligible and interested members should forward their details (Name, Enrollment Number, Branch and Passport Number), to the office of the General Secretary of the NBA on or before the close of business on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, via the following email:

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