Dear YC As NBA Worships In Your Shrine

I respect everyone’s religion and consistently pray that you respect traditional African ways of worship.
As the Bishop of The Sinners Assembly, I do not take kindly to abuse of the environment or neglect of same, particularly, the surroundings of a worship centre.

As is my tradition, I have arrived 30 minutes earlier to the venue of NBA’s Thanksgiving Service at Summit Bible Church.

The access road, is in need of attention and I hope the little offering I will drop, will be used to give the road a facelift.

But they knew that people are coming from all over Nigeria to worship with them. The least they could’ve done, is get their youth wing, to give first aid to the access road.

I understand that Christians want to flyaway on rapture day but before that day, can they pay a little attention to their environment?

The road may belong to AMAC but since the church earns revenue from its services, a little social cooperate responsibility, won’t hurt the tithe and offering balance sheet.

Another worrisome sight is, this road has two big churches.
There is a Redeem Christian Church of God, just a whisper from Summit Bible  Church. Can’t these two collaborate, do the road, and get refund from AMAC/FCTA? YC should donate to fix the road and I as a faithful Barman, following his President, I will contribute my strength, to work without pay until the road is fixed.
They can also get the buy in of the estates around them, especially Olympia Estate.

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