Kubwa Friday Night Live; pork joints hustle for space

It is now given that, Kubwa night life, can only compete favorably with Wuse 2.

Despite light challenges, entertainment centres in Kubwa, are still holding up and serving mortuary standard drinks.

But of all these refreshments available in Kubwa, we couldn’t help but notice, the emerging, fast growing night business.
It is not night nurses with stretch marks and low hanging clothings showing breasts in need of undersized bra to stand.

The business, is grilled, boiled smoked pork joints. A drive round Kubwa, will reveal that most junctions, have been taken over by a pork seller.

Opposite Philcruz 1 Estate, on Blessed Chapel road, along NINA Hotel, is Papa Ejima’s pork joint. The pork is spicy and there is also on sell, palm wine bottled in table water plastics. Her Tiv sales girl, sabi work and you can’t beat the pepper. 

Byazhin-Liberty junction, also has a lively pork spot. The young lady is courteous but doesn’t live you in doubt that, if you try your luck, you could get lucky to get much more than pork.

Opposite Kubwa Central Market, is another joint, where you can get pork spiced with leaves and herbs. The operator, is a seasoned man and his butcher’s skill is amazing.

Along NYSC gate towards the express, after Madam Edo, are joints with sweet aroma and sizzling shshshs whispers of pork fat melting in the fire.
For a comprehensive Friday night entertainment in Kubwa, NINA Hotel & Garden, on Romani Nzekwe street off Blessed Chapel road, should be your final bus stop. NINA has 24 hours light supply, cozy affordable rooms, open air night club and mortuary standard alcohol of your choice. 

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