Campaign For Transformative Governance Holds Final Town Hall Meeting

The Campaign For Transformative Governance is an initiative of Labour and Pro- Labour Civil Society Organisations, will today at Kwali Area Council Legislative Chamber, hold its last Town Hall Meeting.

CFTG, has in the past two weeks, traversed four Area Councils in FCT Abuja; Gwagwalada, Kuje, Bwari and AMAC.

According to a statement and notice of invite by CFTG FCT Chairman, Atambi Ade, the objective of the Town Hall meetings is to “protect democratic civic spaces in fragile democracies. Our primary focus is on the emergence of elected officials that are pro-working people/masses and would bring about transformative Governance in Nigeria. Other key areas of focus, include the welfare and security of the Nigerian people.

The Town Hall Meetings/Community Forums would be used to create an avenue for working people and stakeholders in communities to engage with elected officials, political parties and candidates running for political office.    

A Charter of Engagement comprising of critical sectors/issues would form the basis for engagement at the Town Hall Meetings and the outcomes and resolutions would be used to hold elected office holders accountable.

Comrade Ade Atambi, FCT Chairman, CFTG.

He sounded a note of warning, “let us note that this project is non-partisan and would not be used to endorse any candidate or political party. It would however be used to create an avenue for stakeholders to engage with Candidates, elected officials and political parties to assess their readiness to meet their needs and put them on notice with regards to the critical issues.”

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