Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly Welcomes You To Ember Months

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the year.
Back then, we call it EMBER months because;
And they are considered the most dangerous quarter of the year because people put themselves under pressure to achieve all the material things they had set for themselves as goal for the year.
Accidents occur mostly within these months,  partly due to change in visibility, but mostly because people look at their pockets and see rat holes and wonder, if they can break even before December/end of the calendar year.
From the Chalice of The Bishop of The Sinners Assembly, we urge you to take it easy; don’t stress yourself, what is coming to an end, is just calendar and not your life.
While we believe that the cosmos and its forces will provide all your needs according to the righteousness of the intent of your heart, you owe it to yourself and humanity, to be kind to your neighbors and all that Mother Earth and her husband, the Sun, have given to you to enjoy life.
in moderation and be faithful to your convictions.

Evil and good are twins in your soul. You choose the one you want to manifest.

© Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly.


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