Wednesday Midweek Fellowship At The Sinners Assembly; Why St. Paul Asked You To Pray Without Ceasing-Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly

Throughout his teaching, brother Jesus made it clear that before we pray, our father knows already what we want to ask for. Matthew 6:7-9

So if he knows, why did Brother Paul ask us to invest time knocking at heavens door for answers, disturbing him until he answers us? (1 Thes. 5:17),   Why must we be like the widow in Luke 18:1-8?

The reason Bro Paul asked you to pray without ceasing, is found in Ecclesiastes Chapter 11, , particularly verse 6. They are not sure, which prayers would be answered!

In igbo belief system, we share the same concept of praying and doing good, for without divination, we do not know which good will attract immediate rewards or postponed rewards for our children to enjoy.
So we are enjoyed to make sacrifices to both the spirit that eats aja from the front and one that eats aja from the back.

Furthermore, it is this we do, because we don not  know the stomach that will give birth to a king, that African sacrifices are kept at the middle of the road with four streets meeting at the center.
By this, we place the aja, so that gods from the four cardinal points, representing Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo(the days of the week in igbo land), will receive theirs.

Why is the sign of the cross, made by many Christians when in emergency, seeking divine help, touches four sides four sides (four cardinal points, four market days in igbo land)

As you wake up this morning, keep making supplications to your Chi, so that she can intercede for you without ceasing, so that you and all yours, may be in good health, evil removed from you and you will prosper.

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