RE: Obi Supporters Vs Tinubu On June 12

I woke up this morning to a spitting game between Peter OBI’s supporters and Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s supporters. Obi’s supporters in a counter offensive move, accused Tinubu of starting/joining the struggle for the actualization of June 12 after Abacha rejected making him Minister.
After Chief MKO Abiola came back from exile, he did visit Abacha, expectant that since the evil genius, IBB had stepped aside, Abacha his friend, would speed up the actualization of his mandate.
A good number of pro-democracy advocates, never welcomed the Interims National Government of Ernest.
MKO’s running mate Baba Gana Kingibe served in Abacha’s cabinet. Was he there as a forerunner, was Tinubu soliciting to be made minister, part of the forerunner’s package and did Abacha after consolidating power made a U-turn, which fueled the opposition to him?

Omoba Adedoyin Ajibike Okupe – the man popularly known as the “attack dog” of Nigerian politics, is one of the major bolt and screw in Peter Obi’s campaign team

The bomb thrown by Obi supporters, may have come from Doyin Okupe, who was a chieftain of NRC during the heated period following the annulment of June 12 believed to have been won by MKO Abiola of the SDP.
Doyin Okupe, is alive and active in Peter Obi’s campaign.
Beyond scampering for votes, he owe it to us to explain June 12 from the eyes of one who was opposed to it’s actualization. We need to balance account beyond the flash in the pan accusations by children, who were still wearing cotton napkins when Abacha stove was used to fry akara because Comrade Kokori, shutdown fuel and diesel flow.

The dog, says it has nothing to say to a fight between two birds by to look up and continuing eating the sh@i#t before him or using his tongue to clean his weapon of mass distraction hoping that a horny bitch will drip over.
But unlike the dog, I couldn’t resist for long. I had to go to my library and dig out these, to relieve my June 12 actualization struggle days.
Prof. WS captured those days well in this work, You Must Set Forth at Dawn particularly in Part Vii Nation and Exile pages 347-454.

My own humble interventions littered the walls of LASU Ojo campus, inner pages of most national dailies, but article on PRONACO, made it to the back page of Thisday Sunday, November 6, 2005.

By this date, “democracy” had arrived but the 1999 Constitution was an impediment. so with the scars from June 12 struggle, the dying ambers of NADECO we struggled and wanted a Sovereign National Conference.
When this democracy arrived, very few who fought for it, participated. Others led by Chief Gani, called it transition to democracy but when he finally wanted to contest, those civilians, who were military apologists, doing deals with them had already entrenched themselves as principalities and powers in Nigeria’s political firmament with mega war chest.
But as the spitting battle raged, children should not distort history.
The roles Bola Ahmed Tinubu played in the struggle for the actualization of June 12 and restructuring of Nigeria by having a real People’s Constitution, are legendary.

You may not want to vote for him-it is your right to so do but don’t mess with the history and actions of those who gave their all for the liberty you enjoy today. It is a great disservice to you own efforts today as children will come tomorrow and do same unto your image and legacy.


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