Chinese Statistics Cannot Work In Nigeria Without Change Of Nigeria’s Political-Economy

Back in the days when we were younger, we used to use charcoal and salt to brush teeth.
Our cousins returning from Lagos for Christmas holidays, will be laughing at us.

But today, Peoples Republic of China, a Communist state, has packaged it into a tube and woke Nigerians are buying it, like 2moro no dey!
At this rate, Communist non-religious China, has colonized us-nation with biggest Church auditorium in the world.

Our train belongs to China via loan; our airport same and one candidate is busy quoting Chinese statistics without asking for Nigeria to be a Socialist/Communist state like China or Cuba.

Make we continue, China will soon come and take over Nigeria politically-they have taken over the market and NEXT Supermarket, imports heavily from China and other countries.

When will we start producing? And you think imperialist West, will allow that?
We had better start looking beyond periodic Election and work for a system change.

Capitalism has failed in Africa and only enriched a handful, like those hustling to be rigged in by all means possible in 2023 Nigeria’s Election.

One Comment on “Chinese Statistics Cannot Work In Nigeria Without Change Of Nigeria’s Political-Economy”

  1. We appreciate the continuing good work by Kubwa Express!
    It am particularly excited about the authentic pan-Nigerian outlook and the potentials for support, education, and mobilization among the masses of Nigeria’s working and marginalized people.
    We shall overcome!
    One day!

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