AG Abubakar, CAC RG Leading From The Front

I received a message from some lawyers that they would protest at the AGC in Lagos, over the inability of NBA to carry out sanctions against A.G.Abubakar, the Registrar General of CAC, for his refusal to appear and address, NBA at the Port Harcourt AGC 2021.

I was expecting “action” in Lagos but I told them that I am now an old man, battered by weather but willing to give any technical support.  So at the AGC in Lagos, I went about looking for and publishing uncut, unauthorized and provocative images of activities on the sandy beach of Eko Atlantic City.
They fall my hands, there was no action and not even a press release. This generation, no get liver to carry out their convictions.

AG with CAC staff, who resolved any issue by the click of the mouse

In one of such cruise, I ran into staff of CAC. We were happy to see one another outside Abuja.
They are good friends of mine and even in my days of active practice in CAC, they rendered help to me but just couldn’t understand why I should choose to protest, when I have them as friends within the system that can get anything resolved without all these dramas.

AG Abubakar, YC Maikyau SAN(NBA President) and colleagues at the AGC

So I was excited to see my nemesis as some will want to call him.
But the truth is, AG Abubakar, the RG of CAC, is a nice man, if you can learn to reason with him. He always accuse me of being combative and when I become so, he becomes defensive and ask me to do your worse.
After the rofo-rofo, we still meet the next time as colleagues without any malice. With just a phone call, RG Abubakar has resolved a lot of issues for me but being a person not given to abusing friendship and privilege, I don’t call on him often, I prefer fighting it out with the staff. They must do their jobs diligently. I need not to pull strings to get things done.
CAC staff are trying but there are rooms for improvement. 

But at the just concluded AGC, he was personally at CAC exhibition booth, overseeing their operations. Lawyers with hanging issues of all sizes, had them resolved.
I was impressed with the testimonies by lawyers on the effective, fast record time, their issues were resolved at the AGC. A lawyer who has a pending job for over a year, expressed satisfaction with the online innovations by CAC.

AG with immediate past 3rd Vice President of NBA

He told me that the job is still in his portal and once his client is ready, he will call it up and continue from where he stopped unlike in the analogue era, the job would’ve disappeared and not traceable by any CAC staff.

With AG Abubakar at CAC Booth

AG Abubakar’s physical presence at CAC booth, gladdened my heart. I like leaders who lead by example.

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