From Akpata To YC; Bold Transitions?

This is strictly  for the records on Olumide Akpata’s Administration that ended yesterday and YC Maikyau’s that is commencing today.

1.He started well but ended with bloody nose.

2. His tenure ended yesterday at AGM and he had no other function to perform as NBA President.
So why is he swearing in/handing over to YC Maikyau SAN today, 26th August 2022?

3. Who will hand over the Secretariat to YC and his Secretary, A.Adegbite? The court has nullified the N100,000 NEC procured ratification thereby making Joyce Oduah’s Suspension null and void. Akpata ran to court of appeal but there is no Order to stay.
4. Olumide Akpata has sneaked in a live dehydrated black mamba under YC Maikyau’s seat and switched off the light.

Unresolved “ghosts” that will shape YC’s first 100 days in office.

5. YC will start his administration grappling with these land mines-Reconciling the Bar, withdrawing the Appeal against Joyce Oduah, Resting the Olanipekun issue among other small skirmishes like the ones in the newly created Nyanya/Karu.

6. YC will also need to find how to manage members of the Bar Council, particularly, those career bar politicians who just finished serving Akpata’s regime and are in the Council-Kunle Edun(Welfare), Martin-(1st Vice President), Rapuluchukwu Nduka(Publicity Secretary) and Ijato Mercy Agada (Treasurer) or will they switch allegiance to YC immediately?

7. Another person YC has to take special interest in, is the incoming GS. The incoming administration, must make sure that the ritual rofo-rofo between president and GS doesn’t arise. Bar leaders and past NBA President, especially Augustine Alegeh SAN plus Afam Osigwe, should chair a leadership retreat for these newly elected officers immediately before their first NEC.
The Bar cannot afford another rofo-rofo, particularly after this embarrassing Akpata-Joyce royal rumble.

8. Let us all join hands, to get YC to birth a Dynamic Bar he promised in his manifesto.
I wish him well and will always remind him of his campaign promises to the Bar.

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