The Sinners Assembly’s Cohiba Night At The Afrikan Shrine

As part of relaxation at the ongoing 62nd NBA Annual General Conference Lagos 2022, members of The Sinners Assembly, took time out to visit and worship Black Ancestors at the Afrikan Shine, Ikeja Lagos.

In a good spirit of supplication, we left Lekki to Ikeja. The ride was smooth no police brutality or Oga, show me your particular, on the road.

The entrance of the Shrine, is a beehive of night nurses in skimpy cross no gutter uniforms, openly marketing their flesh.
They are not allowed into the shrine unaccompanied by a male patient in need of their wet services after getting stoned or inspired inside the shrine.

The new Afrikan shrine, is a refined reincarnation of Fela’s shrine that was burnt down in 1977 by Unknown Soldiers.

The new shrine, is managed by Fela’s children, Femi and Yeni.
Snapping of pictures or making of videos are not allowed in the shrine, especially when rehearsal is going on. This is to prevent piracy and infringement of some peoples privacy. There are lot of young adults freely smoking Indian hemp, despite the bold sign that reads, Drugs Are Not Allowed in the shrine.

Our Bishop, lit up his Cohiba, made heavy supplications to the gods and thereafter, called one of the Shrine’s resident security man and we were given unfettered, royal tour of the shrine.

The Afrikan shrine, is a shrine. But to cater for its numerous patrons, a section is given to entertainment, indoor games.

The Shrine is a peaceful, serene place despite the music booming from the stage. You can be lost in meditative quietness despite the noise around you.

The shrine in the Afrikan shrine, has representations of the black ancestors, gods Fela reverenced and worshipped. One stands out, his mother, Funmilayo other Ancestors on display are Kwame Nkrumah Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey

After making supplications at the shrine, we were taken through the stage to the back stage and were shown things. It was spiritually rejuvenating and we discussed Afrikanism and why are Afrikan youths afraid to fight for liberation of Africa from the clutches of neo-liberal, imperialist fascist puppets.

The approaching 2023 General Election was discussed and the ancestors, frowned at Nigerians who still take political education or seeking relevance by visiting OBJ & IBB.

The walls of the shrine, are covered with pictures, each telling a story in the life of Fela, his struggles and pains in the quest for the emancipation of the black race, especially Nigerian youths.
We gave out copies of Special Edition of Kubwaexpress and our tour guide round the shrine, Martin, being impressed with our conduct and showing workings, he invited us to Felabration 2022.
The offer is too tempting not to be taken with wide spread legs and willing dripping erect 3rd leg.


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