The Big Masquerade Of All NBA AGC Parties

One of the greatest side shows of the winding down NBA AGC, is night parties. They came in different raves.

NLC Call set, Branches, Fora and outright wild undefined orgies. But the truth is, lawyers like flexing. Most looked forward to activities of the dark more than the lectures delivered in the afternoon.

For a good number of lawyers, AGC, is nothing vacation period and must be flexed from infinity to infinity; from sun set to the first shy ray of sun penetrates the atmosphere. Most wear skimpy clothes that will make night nurses at Anyilara or Allen Avenue, look like a nun. I snapped some at a party and they have been chewing my name in their coven but I ask, why dress naked to a party and complain that kubwaexpress published your pictures? Were you thinking we would snap you just for our early morning bathroom pleasures? Well, dress how you wish to appear on our pages, for what we see, is what we publish.

But despite this willingness to bubble, most of the venues used for these evening tangos, are too small.    

Organizers often did not take into account that their parties are not meant for their members alone but night crawlers will always gyrate towards the beating of good music and free F & B.

As we get ready for the big masquerade of them all, I hope the organizers of YC Maikyau’s party, have learnt from the mistakes of all the parties organized before theirs? I hope  The Condo, has capacity to take at least 3000 tipsy party hungry lawyers?

YC as the NBA President 2022-2024, should know that his administration has started running and anything that has to do with him or his name as either suffix or prefix, must be above average in quality delivery.

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