AGM; Goodbye Olumide Akpata Welcome YC Maikyau

With the Annual General Meeting slated for 12 noon, today 25th August, the 62nd AGC has come to an end.

Also coming to an end with it, is the tenure of Olumide Akpata. Failure and success of his administration (2020-2022), are now matter of academic exercise and experience for incoming YC Maikyau SAN to draw from.

Will history be kind to Olumide Akpata when the life and time of NBA 2020-2022, is x-rayed by an independent researcher on leadership in Non-Governmental Organizations?
One this is sure, he will receive rousing ovation.

After the AGM, the ball will be in YC Maikyau’s court. Will he score own goals or will he continue delivering the dividends of the NBA Welfare Committee, that was one of the cardinal pivots of his campaign?    

Time will tell.

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