Uncut Grapevine News From NBA AGC

But any news from the grape vine, must be bitter and its truth content must sting your chin.   

I have served you the caveat, so welcome.

NBA 2024 Election:
About 5 south eastern lawyers, have not only shown interest in 2024, they have actively started building structures. Apart from Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN, all others have set up WhatsApp groups, have held consultative meetings on the principle of “I was the first to tell you.”

Mazi Afam Osigwe told me and I believe him, that he is interested in 2024 but will not take any confirmation step, until YC Maikyau SAN is sworn in. It would be unfair, to start running for YC’s seat, when the man had not sat down, held his first NEC. Others interested are; Emeka Obegolu SAN, Chukwuka Ikwuazom SAN, Tobenna Erojikwe, Monday Ubani and a shadowy female SAN, she will emerge full but her ravens have gone to test the waters.

Conference Material Protest: Contrary to reports that lawyers looted the conference material collection centre, the truth is, lawyers got tired and resorted to self help. The materials were there staring them in the face but the ushers were rude. LOC members were not authoritative enough to be believed. The TCCP Chairman, Tobenna was not on ground to calm frayed nerves. Interestingly, those who participated in the protest, took only the items they were entitled to.

Olumide Akpata’s Administration:    
Despite my mischievous feelings, 90% of the lawyers attending AGC, have given Olumide Akpata 93% vote of confidence.
I bow to superior argument although the VAR is telling me another thing. But which referee wants to be mobbed in San Siro or Dan Anyiam stadium Owerri.
Olumide Akpata, adopted a leadership style that  outsourced his responsibilities to other, thereby not being personally responsible for any failure, He hid behind NEC to punch his policies and made sure that NEC did his job for him. This is evident in NEC ratifying Joyce Oduah’s suspension, despite the matter being in Court. Now NEC looks incompetent but not him. Prior to this, he got his hatchet man, Martin-Akp to move after Joyce Oduah.

However you look at it, lawyers believe he has done very well and will give him an erotic rising ovation at AGC.

YC Maikyau SAN Administration: The words coming from the bush telegram, is worrisome. Tongues are wagging zig he can weather the storms being left behind by Olumide Akpata and deliver. Conferees are worried they have not seen him and other newly elected officials mingling like they did at PH conference last year, when they were courting conferees for vote.

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