NBA AGC Opening Ceremony Of Discrimination

How was the NBA AGC opening ceremony?

It depends.

Depends on what?

It depends if you were in Eko Hotel or Eko Atlantic City.

But Eko, na Eko nah.

Not when you see the quality of service given to those at Eko Hotel.

So you mean you paid the same amount of money and the organizers separated you and gave you people unequal treatment?

My sister, you need to see. The air conditioner in the Arabian tents were not working, the audio of the projector was poor. In fact, I regretted paying for this conference. Port Harcourt Conference was far far better.

What do you expect? Last year, Wike was interested as he needed to show working, to enable him contest PDP primaries.

Talking about primaries, I heard that presidential candidates were invited to the opening ceremony?

Yes, they were but chose to go to the elite Eko Hotel, instead of identifying with the suffering masses at Atlantic City.

Guy, they don’t need you peasant lawyers. They need those who can help them during Election Tribunal.

I hear you.

But seriously, this splitting of Conferees into two and giving them unequal lunch, unequal treatment, is a low one for this outgoing administration.

Can you believe it? Inside Eko Atlantic City’s Mami market, there is no toilet or any covered place, where one could easy him or herself without the wind blowing piss back at him.

No talk na, na clean out they usually use these Conferences to do.

I take your god beg you, I no fit talk all the failure s I saw today but let us pray they improve as the Conference grows older.

Improve for where? They have gotten the media attention they wanted with the show at Eko Hotel, the rest of you, can knock head for tree.

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