Food Expensive At NBA AGC Mami Market

Early arrivals to the ongoing NBA AGC in Lagos, are complaining about the high cost of food at the Mami market.

A visit to the market reveals that these complaints are founded as a plate of bitter leaf soup goes for N3,000, plantain and fish N2000, amala with two pieces of paracetamol sized meat, is N1,500. Over peppered ofada rice with one egg and kpomo is N2000.

We further went in and discovered that the prices are the same in over 70% of the food kiosks we visited.

Interaction with a seller revealed that they paid heavily to the AGC LOC and are capitalistly inclined to squeeze out their profits from conferees.

We also sort a member of the LOC to find out if the allegations by the traders are true. A member of the LOC agreed with the traders, saying that things are expensive and do we not expect the traders to make money?
She advised those who feel that the fees charged per plate is beyond their budget, should wait till 6pm, when LOC Friendship Centre will open. She said foods and drinks in the Friendship Centre, are subsidized and affordable.

By 6 pm, we will visit the Friendship Centre and compare prices.

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