Chukwuka SAN Welcomes Kubwaexpress To AGC

Last time KUBWAEXPRESS featured the Learned Silk, was when he was removed as Chairman SPIDEL Conference.

The headline, did not go down well with him as it was mischievously misleading. He called but as is our custom(we don’t allow any person to influence our publication, if you feel aggrieved send a rejoinder), we did not pick.

Since then, he has made overtures to us and as an unbiased outfit, we chose to honor him.

Once he heard that one of our editors, Chè had arrived AGC, he offered to spoil him and show him Lagos hospitality.

According to Chè, the Learned Silk, is an amiable, easy going man, without airs.

The Learned Silk, refused to be dragged into any NBA political issues. Insisting that it is too premature to talk of NBA 2024, when YC, has not taken over.
He just wanted to enjoy the afternoon that finally dovetailed into evening.

Witty, cheerful, we enjoyed the company of Chukwuka Ikwuazom SAN

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