I am naturally a nice person.
I wake up by 2:15 AM everyday and leave my bedroom, because my 1st wife, the Tangali goddess, is a light sleeper. So for her to allow me worship at her temple when my 3rd leg is lustfully at 90 degrees, I have to find a compromise; as going outside, is expensive at N20,000 per drop!

I go to my shrine, debating to either appease Onumurukwa (my village deity) or Jehovah via Jesus(as I was mentally brainwashed) but depending on which god wins my soul, I do libation to it.

I always pray for peace but once I open my Facebook or check my WhatsApp, I am confronted by attacks on my person and not the issues I raised.

As a true warrior, from the clan of Oram na Chieze in Amachara, Azaraegbelu Emekuku, Owerri North, Imo State, I enter counter offensive mode by default. I do not take prisoners!

I have nothing personal against Peter Obi but his online urchins, keep dragging me.
I have nothing personal against Olumide Akpata, NBA President.

But some who feel that Obi and Akpata are their gods and above criticism, are the ones I have problems with. If they attack me, if they insult me, I will go for the jugular of their principal.

With all modicum of humility, I am mentally and ideologically better than Obi and Akpata but na circumstances bend crayfish. Wetin madam get, wey house-girl no get?
I am taking time from my vacation early morning beer and Cohiba, to be this serious because of calls I have been getting over my call to RESIST OLUMIDE AKPATA’s Exco TYRANNY over the handling of the GS issue.

Joyce Oduah is part of Akpata’s administration that raped me anally. She NEVER spoke up when I was thrown out of NBA NEC in Ilorin. She has NEVER called me until about two days ago, when I stood up against her “suspension.”

I am as consistent as a catalyst in any equation.
So all of you calling my friends to put pressure on me, are impotently wasting your time.

I am only pained because my FRIEND was accused.   Please, I am a full blown grown adult with grey hair in my pubic region and responsible for my writings. Engage me on ideas and not calling my FRIEND.

Even my mother and Nmesoma, cannot make me shift my position once Onumurukwa has instructed me and given me her breast to suck at 3:01 AM. Once I am convinced by her that my cause is right and the course is true, I am ready to die holding unto my position.

Know this and make peace with me.
I come from a long traceable lineage of warriors and slave raiders!

You write for money.
I write passionately.
Your pipper dictates what you write.

My conscience drives my pen to stab.
You are courteous;
dance to the gallery.

My pen is caustic;
like a healthy penis before wet and willing toto,

I must stand against injustice.
I write as I am driven by my agwu,
my chi and tears in my heart.

Che Oyinatumba.  
Ofu ji ana eme offload.


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