The Sins Of Joyce Oduah Beyond 2024 Rumble

Fingers pressing, baring their owners feelings on the evolving Oduahgate.
Apart from the clear ones contained in the resolutions of NBA National Executive Committee’s emergency meeting and pointing at her 2024 ambition by her political rivals, as the reason behind her refusing to publish required statutory notice with regards to the proposed NBA Amendment, others are fingering her attitude and lack of team spirit.
According to a member of the Exco, “We’ve been managing the situation all in the name of I don’t any drama but she kept putting her fingers in our eyes.”

A ranking member of EBF has these to say about her, “She abandoned EBF immediately after she was elected. She confided in people that she will not participate in EBF activities.

She believes that she can be the second female president of the NBA in 2024, in a desperate attempt to truncate the zoning arrangement of EBF which she is a beneficiary.
Sees herself as an equal to NBA president.
She became a terror in the Secretariat.

Obong Eyibio Okon Udo of Uyo Branch, has this to say about the embattled General Secretary;

There’s no amount of garnishing by any lawyer that will make me support a General Secretary whom, because of her personal ambition to become NBA president will move to unilaterally take decisions including the issuance of official statements without leave or authority, and which is at cross-purposes with that of the president and Exco.

Olumide Akpata  and his Exco have good intentions for lawyers and the NBA, that is why he is of the opinion that we should not have permanent politicians in NBA. If you serve us as National Officer, leave us for some years and give other lawyers a chance. If the GS is not comfortable with the amendment, there are basic things she should have done through her supporters and friends within the NBA.

Such basic legal issues should have been for the GS to look into whether if finally amended can have a retrospective effect on past national Exco, or whether there’s anyway she can lobby for the reduction of the number of years or, whether she can lobby and the amendment fails rather than unilaterally fighting the amendment herself by issuing statement that is outside what Exco directed. No leader will accept that from subordinate.”

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