Cold War In EBF; Embattled NBA GS May Not Get EBF’s Support

There is unease in the upper room of EBF on how to handle the suspension of Joyce Oduah by NBA Executive Committee meeting.

We are reliably informed that the pussyfooting is tied to 2024 NBA Election. It is rumored that she is interested in contesting for the office of president. 5 other EBF members have shown interest and fractions of EBF sympathetic to any of these 5, are forming coalition, putting pressure on the EBF leadership, not to intervene in the evolving crisis. They argue that if resolved in her favour, it will strengthen her going into the 2024 race.

Another interesting dimension to this, is the age long lost war between the 5 igbo states and Akwa-Cross components in EBF. Back to back, non-members of the 5 igbo states, have taken the presidency whenever it was zoned to EBF, the last being Paul Usoro, SAN. Joyce Oduah is from Akwa-Ibom but married to an Anambra man.

A caller from Akwa-Ibom contends that, the 5 igbo states are yet to accept her as their own, despite her producing 4 children for her custom Officer husband and he believes that the leadership of EBF headed by Anene Esq from Enugu, will not intervene.

Uba Anene Esq, EBF Governor

The caller expressed shock at this pussyfooting and quickly reminded us that, EBF was the first to throw its weight behind NBA on the issue of professional misconduct alleged against Chief Olanipekun SAN’s partner and law firm. She wonders if EBF could speedily speak up, why is EBF still “studying” the situation before coming to Joyce’s aid?

Joyce Oduah is a committed EBF member. In 2014, she was prevailed on not to contest the EBF adoption process that produced Mazi Afam Osigwe SAN as GS, with the promise that when next GS, is zoned to EBF, she will be given right of first refusal. And 2020 came, EBF lived up to its promise.

The sore lingering taste is, why is EBF not spontaneously standing up for its member? Could it be that EBF is afraid that showing support and rallying the 90 NEC members from the 45 branches that are members of EBF, will strengthen Joyce Oduah and give an Akwa-Cross candidate a prime chance to have a mouthful bite of the 2024 cherry?

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