Amadioha Speaks To Ndi Igbo (first published on 30/12/2007

The issues are still thorny, although the actors have changed but the new cast, is making the same mistakes and delusionally  expecting a different result.
Below is unedited and the errors are regrettably mine as it was in 2007.


The last time Amadioha tunneled his message to ndi igbo through me (Daily Sun of Friday 9th 2005), ndi igbo were at the peak of disarmament. One of the shrines of ndi igbo, Ogwugwu shrine at Okija was desecrated by the infidel Nigerian police. Secondly, there was a great divide as a result of the 2003 general elections.
The best of ndi igbo came to contest but because of not putting penis together to form a foam, ndi igbo as a race lost out. Doubt it was our best? Check out their credentials; Chief Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, does he need any further introduction than Dim, Eze Igbo gburugburu? Ike Nwachukwu; other tribes brought out their ex-generals, to show that they are detribalized and therefore the best qualified, we brought out ours, who speaks all the dominant three languages. How about Alex Ekwueme, a working encyclopedia on statecraft and manship.
Our intellectuals were also thrown in, as personified by Arthur Nwankwo. Spiritually, we were not found on the wrong side of heaven. Our river drifted cousin Chris Okotie also came to the market. But at the end of the day, ndi igbo did not come home with common akara.

Since this dismal performance by ndi igbo, I have hidden my head in shame. The need to burrow my head further into the earth was intensified by the dance of shame by all the igbo states at re-impeaching each other in the senate. When the gods gave ndi igbo a chance to salvage themselves, Ndi Igbo: Gaining from the Holocaust (Daily Sun March 7th 2006) and get ready for 2007, the myopic ambitions of the then serving governors and other “national igbo” leaders aborted it.

Skeptically, I have kept to myself, scratching for garri and okpa in a land that is not mine. A land the igbos have irrigated with their blood, yet each year, ndi igbo lose blood on their way home, as a result of bad roads, insecurity and absence of basic first aid kit in federal government clinics.

While at this state of skeptical comatose, some gods have been taking pot shots at me and my igbotic sentiments ( Lets Rubbish Ndigbo November 15th Daily Sun and Igbo and the Jewish Connection, Daily Sun of 10th December, 2007) Humming about this and that in igbo land. Asking me what has Obi done after taking over from Ngige, what did ndi igbo gain from the high turnover of senate president. I dismiss their ranting as I believe most of them are drunk on imported aromatic gins used for libation by desperate politicians.
I still wonder why Napoleon brandy should be used to appease or seek the face of our gods, when tombo is there and kai kai/tikana from our cousins from mbamiri can get the gods to speak, if not in igbo, at least in a sister language of the Ikweres, Ndoni or Aniocha, Iselukwu, just to mention but a few.

Twa! I heard a sound and the room was full of smoke. I asked myself when they revived the Umuahia train track that a locomotive will derail into my face to face one room. The smoke refuse to abate and a rumbling sound accompanied it and I knew that the effect of global warming has altered the season and the rains are here in December.

I was waken from my delusion by the smell of gun powder and a voice, which I needed no priest to tell me that I am having an encounter.

Amadioha thundered. Two great iroko trees will fall in igbo land. Their crash will reverberate through out the globe as my sons forced into economic exile will unite in sorrow and for once speak with one voice, demanding for redress in the Nigerian equation. These two falls will happen at the heels of each other. When these irokos fall, many birds will scatter in search of new perching grounds and the political landscape of igbo land will be greatly altered.

The igbos are also garnished for a big surprise at the up coming PDP convention and the crumbs that will fall off the presidential election tribunal. If the sword hanging over Yar’Adua, descends at his neck, the igbos at best will get another VP slot under Buhari, but the lack of faith of Buhari’s running mate and the mud slinging has made this a tall order.
But should the sword miss Yar’Adua by the whiskers, and he consolidates, the igbos domination will be heightened. Citizens 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (President, Vice, Senate Speaker, CJ) which one is an igboman? Ideally, it shouldn’t have mattered, but this is a country that does not equally distribute infrastructure according to regional needs.

If the contrary were the case, most good roads in the federation would have been found in the areas that produce the oil that lubricates the economic wheel of Nigerian progression towards industrialization.

There is a danger at the threshold, as Ralph Uwazurike, starts his about turn journey to detention. Through out his compassionate bail to bury his mother, the igbo nation refused to keep this issue on the front burner.
The Nigerian judiciary, tilts towards public out cry. There is no peaceful march towards aborting this regressive movement in any igbo state. Many claiming to be Biafrans, and can die for the course of the igbo nation, spent their xmas, without a minute thought for Uwazurike. Ndi igbo has forgotten that the last thrust towards free Uwazurike was a media war and the sons of Oduduwa contributed greatly.
Apart from Senator Uche Chukwumereije and Hon. Uche Onyeagoche (member house of rep 2003-2007), most igbo political figures plaid Nicodemus and others out right Judas with the Uwazurike struggle.
It should also be remembered that among all the ethnic right activists, he was the most peaceful, attempting to use Gandhi/Martin Luther’s non violent approach to actualize a sense of belonging to ndi igbos, yet he stayed the longest before bail was “arranged” for him.
If ndi igbos refuse to do anything politically concrete, this second missionary journey of Uwazurike, may be his swan song and a big blow to the igboness against a common enemy.
Amadioha calls for Satyagraha.
A two day fasting by all igboman and a significant march towards Abuja to protest the unjusticable conditions of bail to Uwazurike.
My generation may not have actively fought the civil war beyond eating garri Gabon and narrowly escaping kwashiorkor but the sound of Biafra, gives us a longing of freedom, an escape from this Babylon called Nigeria. A city our stone cutters have built, using brick without straw.

Another thing Amadioha pointed out that was disheartening to him, was the shameless manner in which the Ezes awarded chieftaincy titles during the just concluded celebration of the worship of the Roman sun god.
Most recipients are dubious and while in Babylon, never practiced the core igbo fraternity of onye ayala nwanne ya.
Rather they connived with outsiders to reap off their brothers. Most masters refused to settle their boys and postponed it as a result of the impending chieftaincy title.

Why should the award of chieftaincy title bug Amadioha, when he knows that igbos are republican? As though he was reading my mind, he asked, how many of those that returned for Xmas, spared time to visit the town hall and deliberate on communal issues.
How many bothered to rehabilitate a community school’s classroom, since the Babylon owned ministry of education has abandoned education and is busy awarding license to few rich Nigerians and churches to build daycare and universities.
Were they not busy showing off their latest iron horses and raising dust and none asked, how do we solve the erosion problems eating up almost Igbo land.
Disgracefully is Orlu senatorial zone that produced a governor in Imo state for 8yrs (This I learnt, is a common denominator in all the igbo states) Anambra is still as backward as Mbadinuju left it. How about Enugu? The ebe ano revolution did not spread outside Agbani. Aga ako ole hara ole?

Amadioha is also worried that the next World Igbo Congress, will be celebrated in Atlanta USA. Why this? He asked. I replied, how can a mortal know? If igbo land is the motherland that all igbos, break the bank to come to during Xmas, why cant she host the congress?If the Michael Okpara square, mbari centre, Ogbunike, can’t contain them, a new edifice can be built that will be the rallying point for intellectual discourse of the igbo nation. This will also generate foreign currency to the motherland

Another point of anger of the great one is the delivery of Ahajioku lecture in English. With guarded praise, he congratulated the Catholic arch-Bishop of Owerri and his Odenigbo lecture series and wants the 2007 Ahajioku lecture to be delivered in igbo and igbo made the official language of the lecture series. Is it not a saying of our elders of yore that oji does not speak English and the day it does, ofe Owerri will go soar. Ask Eze Njemanze if I am lying.

I hope the writer of Lets Rubbish ndi igbo, wont want to kill a mosquito with a sledge hammer after going through this. Pini Jason can take care of his ideas, but the question is this, what actually happened in Owerri at the Igbo day? Ohaneze maybe one but have their actions and inactions shown oneness? What became of the Apo six families after compensation was paid by the government? Amadioha demands an answer.
What can Ohaneze point to that is her out standing project that has made an igboman proud wherever he maybe? During the aborted third term, did the igbos get the Esau carrot of an extra igbo state? Can’t Ohaneze start now to clamor for another Igbo state before the whole thing is muddled up in constitutional review?
The Oduduwa sons, led by an Amazon, Prof Jadisola, have started poking the fire and goading for constitutional amendment. Where is Ohaneze? Amadioha appreciates the attempt establishing Ohaneze but Ohaneze, should be proactive and not a sitting duck, only good as a most converted party girl (by all the tribes just for political expediency) and no body wants to take home.

For ndi igbo to get it right, we have to evolve a new igboman, with an igbo consciousness and a large global out look.

Need I to tell you that this encounter cost me the only cock I bought for New Year celebration?

© Che Oyinatumba

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